Our Story

A lovechild between vintage and modern, Jacqueline is a NYC-based brand that embraces art, style, and beauty that knows no barrier of time.
To honor that everlasting beauty, each of our designs is intentional in every way.
We embrace quality over quantity—which is why we only create when we are inspired. From silhouettes and stitching to packaging and production, all Jacqueline pieces are designed to ensure garment longevity and minimal waste.


Instead of cycling through new clothing with every trend and contributing to overflowing landfills, our designs stand the test of time. Each piece is made with ethically sourced fabrics and is made-to-order to eliminate excess.
We partner closely with a single, valued manufacturer in NYC that we know upholds our strict quality standards to produce locally made clothing that lasts.

Our products are all packaged responsibly in 100% recycled mailers crafted from
post-consumer waste. Even down to the FSC-certified tissue paper and the cellulose fiber paper stickers in our packaging, our goal is to always put the planet first.

To Jacqueline, sustainability means:
Prioritizing quality and design to extend a garment’s lifespan
Minimizing waste with pre-order and made-to-order production
Designing consciously and locally
Never creating full collections or following traditional fashion calendars
Prioritizing intentionality in the design process.


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